Twitter vs. Facebook

twittervsfacebookI created my Facebook account in 2007 and my Twitter account in 2008.

Through Facebook I was able to connect with lost friends and family.  It was an amazing tool that really made an impact on my personal life.

My first exposure to Twitter was at a conference last fall for higher education web professionals and it was amazing.  I wrote a post about it called ‘Social Media Killed the Business Card.’  In the post I observed how effective Twitter was at connecting and more importantly staying connected.  Through Twitter I am able to stay connected with the people from the conference gleen infromation from them and share.  The way following works with Twitter is almost spider web like.  I’ve had several people begin following me who I don’t know because I’ve been on someone else’s list and we have like interests.  I’ve also followed people that I do not know, but are on my follower’s list and we have like interests.  Check out the graphic below of some of my friends and their friends.


For this reason, I view Facebook as effective personal tool and Twitter as an effective tool for maintaining and creating professional relationships.  It is void of all the fluff and distractions that makes up Facebook.  You get pure conversation.

I see benefit in using both tools, but I would rank Twitter higher than Facebook as a communications tool.

How do you use Facebook and Twitter?  Do you think Twitter will become the next Google of social networking?  Share your thoughts.

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  • JB

    Good post Mike, but I’m not sure I agree since interpersonal relationships are still ranked very highly by a lot of people that aren’t yet involved with social media/networking. Facebook also ranks higher to me since it involves people I actually know. For example, if I was looking for a job, even though I’d hit up both groups, I’d expect more from my friends on Facebook than my “followers” on Twitter… a group that could be very impersonal. Still though, it’s an interesting question.

    That said, I do agree it is better for communications, but it depends on what the communications are about. For example, Facebook is great as a comms tool for me to keep in touch with friends and family that are far away. Twitter is great as a work-related comms tool. At least that’s how I use it.

  • Mike McCready

    I suppose I should have modified my last statement to state ‘but I would rank Twitter higher than Facebook as a business communications tool.’ This is really what I was trying to imply in the post. I agree with you that for personal relationships, Facebook provides more sophistication and power. But for business relationships, I see Twitter taking the lead. Thanks JB for commenting and providing some context to the ongoing Facebook vs. Twitter debate :)

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  • Mobilemusicparty

    Well said Mike. Its not always easy to explain how effective Twitter is as a networking tool. They both have their place but for right now instant information in your particular field, Twitter is where I am and for much longer periods of time over Facebook.

  • Steph Gilchrist

    Great article Mike. I have had Facebook for 5 years and I find that it is great to keep in touch with friends all over the world. I primarily use Facebook for viewing photos. I have stepped away from Facebook statuses though, as I find people are craving attention any way possible. “Joe is having the worst day ever” – simply asking people to feel sorry for Joe and say “Why?”. With Twitter, I can follow people who have similar interests and tweet about truly interesting topics knowing that someone out there will also find it interesting. The simplicity of Twitter is incredible; I think it will become the next Google of social networking.