Twitter, The Unspoken Truth

I find myself in phases getting caught up in the Twitterverse.  Although, many times I’m getting useful information from the Tweets of those I’m following.  Is it possible to take Twitter and other social media networks to the extreme?  I wonder if we’re at some point see SMA (Social Media Anonymous) groups popping up around the world.  Take a look at this video which is a humorous, and maybe exaggerated, look at the Twitterverse:

Don’t get me wrong I think that social media is an amazing way to connect with others you may not normally connect with – especially over long distances.  But should it and can it replace the personal, face-to-face conversations of those close to you in proximity.

Do you think social media tools can replace the personal connection from face-to-face conversations?

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  • William Jackson

    I am so tweeting this blog.