Marketing Convergence

Marketing efforts typically have been segmented across various mediums, usually with similar messages.  You would see a billboard campaign, a radio/TV campaign, a print campaign, etc.  Each of these campaigns served a purpose to promote a product, message, brand, etc.  Sometimes these campaigns operated in silos – independent of each other.

What we’ve been seeing for sometime, and social media has increased this, is a convergence of marketing efforts.  The other day one of the senior leaders at the college I work at mentioned that all the traditional marketing efforts purpose is to drive people to our website.  “Our website is their first impression, it’s got to have curb appeal,” were his words.


The Web should be the hub in any college’s marketing efforts.  There should be a uniting in efforts across all the marketing mediums that direct people to your college’s website.  Why?  Because the Web provides more capability to engage your potential student than any traditional medium could ever offer you.  The Web also allows your offline marketing efforts to be smarter. You should be leveraging the power of the Web to track how successful an offline campaign, as read in this post from .eduGuru.

When college marketing and recruitment departments begin to realize the potential of the Web and they shift their paradigm, they will see dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of their offline marketing campaigns.

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