Keeping Connected in a World of Social Media

I’ve been using social media sites for some time now – some more than others.  But I’ve found it quite difficult to stay connected in all of the sites I joined and as a result, have let my activity on them die off.  I also don’t have all the time I need to log in to the various sites and see what my friends are up to.

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve search the Web recently for an application that would help me in staying connected in the socialmediasphere.  I came across an application called hellotxt. hellotxt is currently in beta – for that matter, Gmail has been in beta for years and has a huge following.  Don’t put much stock in the term beta.  For many applications like Gmail, they are in perpetual beta, which just means they are always developing the software.

I’ve only created an account with hellotxt yesterday, but I’m already pretty impressed.  You can add several different social media sites for updating your info on.  Check the list below:

Currently, hellotxt can only show friend’s updates from Twitter and Facebook, but they are working on adding other social media sites.

Some of the other features of hellotxt include:

  • mobile version of the application
  • send updates via e-mail with images
  • an API to develop your tools with hellotxt

I’m very excited to see the development of hellotxt and will be using for sometime to stay connected.