Don’t Forget The Parents

As we’ve been embarking on our redesign project, we’ve discussed how to leverage social media and how it could be implemented in our online presence.  We’ve talked about student and faculty blogs as an example.  Through the discussions we’ve indicated the importance of recruiting the parent as well but we’ve overlooked how social media could help facilitate this.  It is surprising that we overlooked this as we are all aware of the importance of recruiting parents (see Circling Over Enrollment: The E-Expectations of the Parents of College-Bound Students by Noel-Levitz) and also of the influence that social media has as a recruitment tool.

I came across a blog post by DoJo Web Strategy that mentions how John Hopkins has blogs from parents of current students on their admissions site.  What a great idea!  These parents share the stories and experiences in an authentic way that reaches the specific audience of parents of prospective students.

I’ve talked about authenticity in a previous blog post and really feel the importance of being authentic when recruiting and marketing. That’s really one of the huge benefits of using social media as a recruiting and/or marketing tool.

Having a parents blog section will definitely find its way into our social media strategy and I thank DoJo Web Strategy for pointing out, what should have been, an obvious idea.

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