Does Your College Facebook??? Brag About It!

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Many higher education institutions have been leveraging the influence of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter by creating accounts on these sites.  If you’re doing that why not let the whole world know?

Brad J Ward says this on his SquaredPeg blog:

While we don’t have specific research on this, we can tell you one thing:  To your target audience, the Facebook ‘F’ is probably just as familiar as other ‘brand name’ logos. So why not put it where they can see it? If you have a great Facebook page with tons of quality content and engagement, brag about it!

I think that for those institutions that do have accounts on social media sites and don’t brag about it by showing the logo for the social media sites are just to afraid or uptight about not sharing their college website with the branding from the social media sites.

If you higher education institution has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. – do you actively promote that fact by sharing your online presence with branding from those social media sites?  If not, you’re probably not leveraging the use of social media as well as you good be.

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  • Cody Foss

    Just from what I’ve seen on, I think most schools aren’t afraid of posting social media links prominently. The bigger issue is getting good/useful/quality content on to them. Posting only news releases (or other PR gunk) will do very little to foster engagement.

  • Mike McCready

    That’s a really good point. Even though social media tools are not new, they still are not always used effectively. I think that posting some college related info is OK, but it doesn’t foster engagement. Asking them questions, sharing valuable information (that isn’t necessarily your own), etc. will improve activity.

    Although when I look at some of the schools in Alberta, I don’t see upfront branding of the social networks. (eg. Athabasca University, U of L, U of A)

    NAIT, Macewan, MHC are some schools that are including the social network branding on the website.