Did You Setup Google Analytics Correctly?

So you’ve decided to implement web analytics in your website and you’ve got a Google Analytics account and added your tracking code to your pages.  But did you setup Google Analytics correctly?  I setup Google Analytics for this blog of mine and just assumed that it was done correctly, I mean how hard is it to add the tracking code just before the </body> tag as is suggested?

I came across a web tool called SiteScan that allow you to enter in your URL and it will query the site and provide report on what percentage of pages have Google Analytics setup correctly and also a detailed spreadsheet with each page and the error message associate with each page.

When I first ran the report it said I had 1 out of 68 pages or 1% of pages with the tracker code implemented correctly as you can see below.

I made some tweaks and ran the SiteScan again and no it says I have 62 out of 68 or 92% of pages with the tracker code implemented correctly as you can see below.

The pages that don’t have the code on them are either not important or for some reason the system picked up links that don’t exist.  All of my blog pages and other pages in my site now have the tracking code correctly implemented.

A great little tool to ensure you have everything in place and if you new to the world of web analytics, this could really be helpful!

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  • http://www.seodoityourself.co.il leo

    thank you for this tip nice tool.
    i use it on my site

    i find some errors thanks for this tool.

  • HowardDChestnut

    Setting up you google analytics correctly is a good thing you can do to make your business become more effective at all time. This can be done through using the good settings of your google analytics in order to prevent faults during your campaign.