Customer Service is the New Marketing

First of all, let me make sure you realize I didn’t coin the phrase “Customer Service is the New Marketing“.  I’m not sure who the originator of the quote was.  If anyone could answer that bit of trivia, send me a note or comment.

I remember a few years ago I had some poor experiences at a popular fast food restaurant.  I won’t mention the name because that’s not the focus of this post.  Anyway, I sent their head office an e-mail complaining that their advertising of a particular menu item was misleading and the service was extremely poor.  I don’t actually recall if I even received a response to the e-mail.  So in this scenario we have traditional marketing (the images of the menu item) and my attempt and complaining when I deemed the marketing misleading.  In this paradigm, traditional marketing is what mattered and worked.

Enter a new factor to the scenario – social media.  Tools like blogs, communities, forums, ratings, etc. If I was to change the paradigm of the scenario describe above and apply social media tools, the outcomes could have been different.  Instead of sending my complaint to the head office, I could have my complaint read by possibly millions of people who could may be influenced by the complaint.  So my satisfaction… the level of customer service – good or bad – truly becomes the new marketing.

I came across a blog post on O’Reilly Radar that talks about how Customer Service is the New Marketing.  The post also included a video interview from Lane Becker of Get Satisfaction.  Check out the video interview below:

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