Monthly Archive:: March 2009

31 Mar 2009

Twitter vs. Facebook

I created my Facebook account in 2007 and my Twitter account in 2008. Through Facebook I was able to connect with lost friends and family.  It was an amazing tool that really made an impact on my
30 Mar 2009

Weekly Video: The Internet and Social Media

This video proposes some interesting predictions about society and the impact that the Internet and social media will have on society.  We’ve come a long way from the old predictions of the 50’s about flying cars.  I
28 Mar 2009

SPAM 2.0

Image via Wikipedia So by now many of you have accounts on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter and you have even started your own social community using software like Ning. Social networks are all around
27 Mar 2009

Social Media Utility Belt

Image via Wikipedia Just as there are an enormous amount of social networks available, there are just as many, if not more, web tools to keep in your social media utility belt. The social web has empowered
26 Mar 2009

Social Media Marketing

Image by websuccessdiva via Flickr Social media marketing is somewhat of a an oxymoron.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that marketing can be achieved through social mediums.  Many companies of successfully marketed using social media
25 Mar 2009

The ‘Prove It’ Stage of Social Media

I’m working on a presentation with a colleague about social media’s benefits, risks, impacts, etc. to be presented to various staff on campus.  In some discussions, we decided that a critical part of the presentation would be
24 Mar 2009

Protect Your Brand Against Twitter Squatting

Image via CrunchBase In my Domain Name Best Practices post, I suggested buying similar TLDs to protect your institution’s identity from would be corporate identity thieves. It appears that there is a new threat to brand identity