What’s Being Said About Your Institution?

People are mentioning your institution in various blog posts, news articles, tweets and in other places.  Do you want to know what’s being said???

Up until now I’ve used Google Alerts to notify me when a new webpage mentions the name of the higher education institution where I work.

I came across a blog post from Seth Meranda that mentions a web tool called Perspctv.

The great thing about this tool is that it delivers real-time and historic posts from blogs, news items and tweets in a dashboard type environment.

Perspectv takes the power of Google Alerts to a new level.  Another benefit Seth mentions is the ability to compare the competition:

A nice feature is too also compare number of mentions for various terms. So if you wanted to compare the competition, you could simply change your search to include multiple terms (separated by commas):


The graphs and data visualization pieces for the comparison tool are strong. Good site to bookmark!

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