My New Favorite Blogging Toy… ScribeFire!

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to maintain my blog on a regular basis.  One of the problems I have is I don’t remember to go to my blog admin side and post a new blog.  I need an easier way to post to my blogs that requires the minimal amount of steps and yet provides flexibility and features.

I’ve looked at tools like Posterous and even the built-in feature of WordPress that allowed for posts to be sent via e-mail.

Even though Posterous provides some great features for blogging to multiple services at once an allowing the embedding of HTML, images, mp3’s and videos, one difficulty I noticed was that it didn’t handle WordPress tags or categories very well.

Then comes around ScribeFire. ScribeFire is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows for posting to various blogs. I use Mozilla Firefox for all my browsing needs – and being that I’m in the web industry, I’m on Firefox for a large part of the day.

Here some of the reasons why I like ScribeFire (BTW, this post is using ScribeFire):

  • its part of Firefox which I am already using a lot
  • it has a WYSIWYG editor
  • it can easily tag and categorize my posts in my blog
  • it allows for easily sharing YouTube videos
  • if I find a webpage that is interesting, it has a built function that allow me to start blogging about a page

I’m sure there are other great things about ScribeFire – why don’t you share them with me in a comment.

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  • Tyler Wall

    Thanks Mike!
    I think I will check out Scribefire.

  • Tyler Wall

    Hey Mike, I have a suggestion to improve the usability of Scribefire. Try out Zemanta as it makes teh process of blogging a bit easier by integrating nice tools like suggested links, pictures, tags and other goodies doing part of the work for you. And it integrates right into Firefox. Here is a link to Zemanta.

  • Mike McCready

    I downloaded Zemanta and I’m not sure if its my version of WordPress or the version of Firefox that I’m using, but I never got the sidebar to open. It does sound like an interesting piece of software.

  • Howard

    Looking into scribefire!

  • Jure Cuhalev

    @Mike: send us an email to with more information about your environment and we’ll help you going.

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta