Social Media… Is It a Fad?

I’ve had discussions with some of my co-workers of the future of social media.  One of my co-workers believes that what we see as social media today will not be the same tomorrow.  That may or may not be true – only time will tell.  There are certain aspects of social media that I believe will not go away anytime soon.

I recall back to the day when I was a teenager and I was caught up in the BBS craze – in fact I even hosted my own BBS.  This was a great way to communicate and connect with others – usually in your local area.  Soon the Web was born and BBS popularity died to a far more efficient and fun way of connected with others.  So BBS technology faded into the sunset, but the ground work was laid for connecting people though computers.  The Web provided a great opportunity for people to share ideas through web pages, which were mostly static (one-way communication).  Unfortunately, these static web pages didn’t foster two-way communication or true collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

The connectivity that the social Web provides us is an amazing tool – one that will evolve – but is around to stay.  Here are some reasons why I think social media is NOT fad and will be around for some time:

  1. Content is inexpensive to produce
  2. Puts organizations closer to their clients
  3. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and are in the top 10 sites for traffic (see
  4. Allows for a far wider reach of your message – whether personal or corporate

I know there are other reasons why social media is NOT fad and is here to stay, and if you can suggest some, that would be great.  Please post a comment with some of your reasons why social media is NOT a fad.


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  • Bonnaventure James

    I will agree with your points Mike. Even if we aren’t using Twitter in 2 years, I wouldn’t call it a fad. Social Media has been a game changer, so even if social media goes away, it’s not going back to the way it was before.