Web Strategy… Where Do I Start?

I’m new in a role as Web Services Manager at a college in Alberta.  In my role and there is a lot of expectations and realizations that the College website is going to help the declining enrolment problem – and that it very may well.

Last year, our college went through a re-branding exercise and a component of that was the website.  Unfortunately, the website was almost an afterthought and was rushed through in six weeks (that was including time for the developers to learn Joomla).  Needless to say, the re-brand missed the mark when it came to functionality.

The task that I’ve identified for myself and my team is to develop a Web Strategy Plan.  I have two concerns though:

  1. Because the College website has been a ‘brochure website’ for so long, senior leadership is impatient and anxiously expecting improved results. So how do I manage these expectations without getting thrust into a similiar situation as last year?
  2. With emerging technologies changing so rapidly, how much research and planning is too much? I want to avoid “paralysis by analysis”.

These concerns are real and I’m sure we all face similar problems.  I realize that a Web Strategy Plan is critical but how do I address these concerns while still pursuing the development of the plan?

I open it up to comments and suggestions.


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  • http://www.innogage.com Drew Dillon

    1. Our job always consists of teaching. The Internet, although it seems to me has been here long enough to understand, the complex inter-linking of strategies on the web still confuses many people. Make sure you educate the people that will be pushing these deadlines so they will understand the process as you go through it.

    2. I think you’re on the right track here. You do not need to reinvent to wheel with analysis that so many other have already research and deciphered. Use your network, and service providers efficiently, Bringing in an advisor to help you plans things out and prepare the execution can save you from wasting valuable resources, namely, your time.