Social Media is NOT…

Social Media is NOT about the technology, but rather the relationships that are formed.

Last night, while I was trying to fall asleep at 3am, I had an epiphany.  I am attending the Stamats Integrated Marketing: Technology, Collaboration, Results conference in St. Petersburg, Florida and I have met some amazing people in the higher education web environment.

This meeting was facilitated by attending the conference, but the relationship grew due to Social Media.

I posted a thread on the conferences Ning network about looking for something to do.  Within in no time, I had people calling me and I had been introduced to over 12 great people.  They started following me on Twitter and I started following them too.  We hung out for a bit and I watched a video discussion on higher education web topics on

I knew that Social Media wasn’t about the technology, but that thought wasn’t personalized until I met these people and saw the relationships they had built with others hundreds of miles away.  For many at the conference this week, this discovery was made a long ago, but for me it’s a new discovery.

So the platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc.) doesn’t matter and neither does the technology (i.e. blogs, wikis, chats, etc.), it’s about the relationships that are formed.

I look forward to strengthening the friendships that we formed at this conference through the use of Social Media.

  • TheMomof6Boys

    I agree. This weekend, I traveled to Anaheim for VidCon (YouTube conference) and half my time was spent relationship building with people I had already established friendships with online. The remainder of the time was spent attending the workshop sessions. I could have made the workshops my primary focus, but why build on the head knowledge when it is the community that makes the platform work.