Blogs Aren’t Wine & Cheese

I’m not a connoisseur in wine and cheese, but I do know that the older the wine and the older the cheese, the better they both are.  Some things are better the older they get – like a pair of jeans – nice and old and fit just right.  What about a nice old car that is fixed up just right.  Oh yeah!

Some things are aweful the older they get.  I have tried to eat expired salad dressing.  I have (by accident).  It wasn’t a very fun experience.  The same is true for blogs.

You may think after hearing talk about blogs from friends or strangers, “I should start a blog!”  You go home that night and signup for WordPress and create your first blog post.  Awesome! You did it!

Six months later someone asks you if you have a blog.  You reply, “Yes I do.”  You pull it up and are slightly embarrased.  The only post that is on it is from six months ago and you have no comments.  Wonder why there is no interest in your blog?  Because Blogs Aren’t Wine & Cheese.

I have learned from my experience, that unless a blog is updated and new, it will leave the same awful taste in a visitor’s mouth as expired salad dressing.  Blogs need to be updated a minimum of three times a week to be credible.

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  • Bradjward

    Now, set an event in Outlook for 4, 5, 6 months from today with nothing more than a link to this post. And report back on how you did.

    It’s tough, but very rewarding. And I know you can do it!