Web 2.0 and Beyond

Image by ekai via Flickr

I have been intrigued with computers and communications back since the days of computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).  I remember seeing my first BBS and was so excited that I could communicate with other people through the computer and a phone line.  Sharing files, playing games, chatting, and more.  And boy, there was some amazing ANSI artwork on those BBS’s.  In fact, I was so excited, that I started my own BBS.

Communication through these disconnected BBS’s became obsolete as the interconnected  World Wide Web took hold in the nineties.

There is always evolution in the computer industry.  I remember my first computer was an ATARI 800XL. Things sure have changed – and fast.  If the computer industry changes so fast, then one would assume that the Web would evolve fast as well.

I found a very interesting article on Linux.com called, ‘Brad Neuberg, Google Gears, and the future of the Web.’  In the article they mention a new open source project from Google called Google Gears.  You really need to read the article, but to summarize the article, the Web needs an updater.  Google Gears may or may not be the solution, but Google Gears allows for the development of offline web applications.  It is a very exciting idea and one that I plan on researching and testing in the future.

In my nine years as a web developer, I have seen many trends from animated gifs to AJAX.  I am very excited to see what is beyond Web 2.0 and look forward to being a part of it.

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