Ubuntu & Linux Cheat Sheets

My friend Jared Prins has an article on his blog about Ubuntu and Linux command cheat sheets that I felt was very useful to me, I thought I would share with more people.

I am currently taking COMP 315 – Advanced Operating Systems (Linux) from Athabasca University. As I am reading through the textbook, I find myself constantly looking up commands either in the index or online. I know I will eventually drive these commands into my brain, but until then, anything that can help be get quicker access to the Linux commands I need is beneficial.

The Ubuntu and Linux cheat sheets that my friend lists include:

If you’re studying Linux like I am or if you’re a veteran Linux user, having these commands at your fingertips will help you be more productive.

Jared’s Ubuntu/Linux blog can be found at http://ubducted.squarespace.com/