Google Web Site Optimizer Tool: Another Tool for the Web Developer’s Utility Belt

I came across an article called “Google Web Site Optimizer Tool: I Told You So” on that talked about a new tool from Google called the Web Site Optimizer Tool.  You will need a Google Gmail account – but I imagine that you have a Gmail account already, if not, what are you  waiting for?  Free e-mail!  Over 6 Gigs of mailbox space! Awesome searching and spam filtering!

I’m very excited about the prospect of a tool that can help aid in the design and usability of a web site.  I have used Google Analytics in the past and was very impressed with the calibre and easy of use of Google Analytics.  If the Web Site Optimizer Tool is anything like Google Analytics, I’m in for a very pleasant surprise.

Check back soon for a report on my findings and opinion on one of the newest tools from Google.

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