Monthly Archive:: April 2008

30 Apr 2008

Hand-coded HTML & CSS: A Lost Art

I recently read an article on that mentioned that the design director from has his team hand-code all HTML and CSS for browser consistency.  Below is an excerpt from the actual Q&A from “Q:
29 Apr 2008

Ubuntu & Linux Cheat Sheets

My friend Jared Prins has an article on his blog about Ubuntu and Linux command cheat sheets that I felt was very useful to me, I thought I would share with more people. I am currently taking
29 Apr 2008

Google Web Site Optimizer Tool: Another Tool for the Web Developer’s Utility Belt

I came across an article called “Google Web Site Optimizer Tool: I Told You So” on that talked about a new tool from Google called the Web Site Optimizer Tool.  You will need a Google Gmail
25 Apr 2008

Adobe, Adobe Where Art Thou Adobe

I have been using Linux for around two years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. I admit, at first I was overwhelmed by all the customization I need to get things like my dual monitor, servers and