Will Someone Read Me?

I have heard so much about blogs. Everyone has a blog. I’m sure your Grandma has a blog – mine doesn’t she has a difficult time programming her VCR. VCR? Whats a VCR? Okay, I’m getting off course and rambling, but it seems that is often what bloggers do.

I’m a web developer. Have been for over 7 years, and yet I have not jumped on the blogging band-wagon. The main reason why I haven’t? I think it is a waste of time. Who will want to read the unimportant thoughts of Mike McCready – a web developer from Barrhead, Alberta? Barrhead? Where the heck is that? Oh, there I go again rambling. Hey, maybe I can catch on to this blogging trend!

Anyway, I wonder will someone read me? Are my fingers banging crazily on the keyboard a waste of physical effort? Will someone read my words that I’m typing? I have my doubts, but I thought when there are Grandma’s blogging in the world today, I better get on this band-wagon and drop a few ‘intellectual’ thoughts.

It seems like its almost a status symbol to have a blog. When your friend says, “Hey, I have a blog. Check it out!” Gone are the days where status symbols were the size of your house and your speed of your car. Welcome to the days of blogging as the status symbol. When your friend says, “Hey I have a blog.” – you can say “So do I. Mine gets thousands of hits a day and hundreds of comments.” Oh, to be able to say that. Please help me out. Send this blog to your friends, family, enemies, strangers, whoever and post many many comments.

Thanks. That’s all for now.